Yahoo Web Messenger

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What is Yahoo Web Messenger and how to display it on your screen?

  • Yahoo Web Messenger is also called School Messenger because you can use it even in school when teachers remove all your messengers you ALWAYS can log in and enjoy in Yahoo Messenger.
  • It is a web version of messenger that allows you to sign in on your Yahoo Messenger without downloading it from Internet.
  • For using Yahoo Web Messenger there is no need to install any software or Java plugs-in to use it.
  • It can be used on computer that have limited access to some part of internet.
  • People always want to use messenger quicker and efficient and Yahoo Web Messenger is the best solution for them.
  • Also this tools is also known as:
    Yahoo Web Messenger, Yahoo Online Messenger, Yahoo Web Based Mesenger

Other alternate ways to log in easily to your favorite web messenger

  • Among the most popular web messengers are IloveIM - it is short for I love Instant Messenger and with it you can use online messenger, not only Yahoo but also MSN, GTalk and AIM.
  • Try also Ebuddy - free web based messenger that also enables you to chat with Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, AIM but also with MySpace users.
  • Another very good service is Meebo - service that you can use for log into Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, GTalk.