Yahoo Emoticons

What are Emoticons in general?

Emoticons are little icons that can be used in any messenger conversations.
Some time ago, emoticons use to be only yellow faces icons but now you can download any type of emoticons on internet.
Their purpose is to express feelings exactly or in a comic way (this depends on the person).
You can use emoticons for many type of messenger, such as msn, yahoo, skype, aim etc. Also you can use it as your forum smileys (vBulletin, phpBB and others).
If you want to find emoticon or smiley that will suite your favorite msn messenger then use this free smileys.

What are Yahoo Emoticons/Smileys?

Important to say is that Yahoo messenger can use only Yahoo emoticons.
Other emoticons cannot be uploaded but Yahoo! is doing their best to provide you new yahoo emoticons (and hidden emoticons) all the time.
You can see top 20 standard yahoo emoticons and top 20 hidden yahoo emoticons.
Also you can see all standard and hidden yahoo emoticons.

How to save Emoticons and Smileys to your computer?

1.Right click on a picture and choose Save image As...
2.Choose where you want to place picture on your computer.
3.Click OK and use emoticon in your favorite messenger