MSN Hidden Emoticons

Windows Live Messenger contains a lot of hidden emoticons that cannot be found in msn messenger menu, so we will show you all codes that you need to write in your msn messenger to show your favorite hidden emoticon.

Emoticon Code Meaning
asl emoticon (?) ASL emoticon
cigarette emoticon (ci) Cigarette animated emoticon (smoking is bad and cause cancer!)
fingers emoticon (yn) Fingers crossed
instant messenger emoticon *9mil IM Emoticon (added in new windows live messenger for charity)
rabbit emoticon ('.') Bunny emoticon
handcuffs emoticon (%) Handcuffs emoticon
xbox emoticon (xx) Little XBox picture (promotion emoticon)

Important! Emoticon codes are case-sensitive. You can set you favorite msn emoticon by you Msn name so you will get something like this:

msn name smiley