MSN emoticons

MSN emoticons is word for the largest number of emoticons that is used in MSN Messenger and MSN Live Messenger. On the internet MSN emoticons is used to express feelings between MSN Messenger users. On the internet there is unlimited number of MSN emoticons sites but we will present you only sites that have unique and quality content.

MYWLM is short word for My Windows Live Messenger. This is site that provides one of the greatest emoticon generators on the internet. This generators create the most attractive emoticons and smileys for MSN Messengers. With Mywlm you can create all different types of emoticons with all kind of effects.

Messenger Stuff is website that contains the newest information about MSN Messenger updates versions. It contains very large content that include everything that is helpful for MSN Messenger. Also on Messenger Stuff you can find a very useful links that will contain you to more content related MSN Messenger.

MSN Mania is website on Turkish language. MSN Mania is very popular site because it has complete content for MSN Messengers. Here you can easily find everything that you need for your MSN Messenger like MSN avatars, quality MSN Smileys, tools for your MSN Messenger, nick names, MSN name generator and very rare and quality MSN online avatar creator.
Content is very good set up so even if you don't know Turkish language at all you can find easily everything you looking for.

Angel XP is website on French language. For me it is site with rare quality on which you have everything that you need on first site. Plenty of MSN emoticons, MSN winks, MSN avatars, skins, MSN programs for MSN and Live MSN Messengers.
French language is difficult language to understand but with this great set up you simply can enjoy in downloading everything for MSN Messenger. is most popular website on the internet for MSN Messenger emoticons, avatars and everything that includes word MSN. contains absolutely everything for MSN. It even has the biggest forum for discussion about MSN Messenger stuff.

Messfreak is Dutch website for MSN emoticons very good site that is ideal for MSN freaks; everyone that want more than just MSN. Content is very large and quality so if you want to learn something from it and you don't know Dutch language you can use this tool and learn everything that you want to learn.

Messengerfreak is website that contains display pictures, animated emoticons, free winks, name makers. This site was know also as MSN Monkey but change name into Messengerfreak. Messengerfreak is know as site with most frequent updating of MSN emoticons, animated emoticons and display pictures.
Every two weeks it updates over a hundred new MSN emoticons and that represent their quality.